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Billion-Ton 2016 Report Information, Volume 1

Version: 2016_billion_ton_report_12.2.16_0.pdf


  • Table C-10 has wrong column heading (should be "BT16 high-yield scenario") 

    Table C-10 has wrong column heading. The column heading titled "BT16 base case" should instead say "BT16 high-yield scenario", as specified in the table's caption. The base-case scenario is shown in Table C-9.

    Page: 382

  • Appendix tables B-1 through B-6 

    In Appendix tables B-1 through B-6, for each region, the second instance of "Softwood sawlogs" is erroneously named, and should be called "Hardwood sawlogs". These tables are generated by USFPM, and this typographical error does not affect results reported elsewhere in the report.

    Page: 340


Version: 12.2.16_0

Chapter 5

  • Table 5.12: Trap grease recovery assumption

    Based on Wiltsee (1998a), 2.1 million dry tons of trap grease are currently generated. Recovery of the generated trap grease is assumed to be 50%, for a currently available supply of 1.0 million dry tons (Table 5.12). As population increases over time, there is an increase in trap grease supply over time.

    Page: 203


Version: Version available on December 12th, 2016

Chapter 5


Version: 8.18.2016

Frequently Asked Questions

  • BT16 Frequently Asked Questions

    This document provides answers to frequently asked questions from public presentations, webinars, and personal communication via following the July release of the 2016 Billion-ton Report (DOE, 2016).

    PDF icon BT16_FAQ_12072016.pdf


Chapter 5

  • Units in Table 5.11

    The units for the values in table 5.11 should be specified as million dry tons.

    Page: 199


Chapter 3

  • Table 3.24 column headings

    Headings, units should be "million dry tons" rather than "million acres".

    Page: 91


Version: Original BT16 Vol 1

Chapter 4

  • X-axis error in Figure 4.16

    This error has been corrected in the version BillionTon_Report_2016_8.18.2016.pdf and later versions. The X-axis of Figure 4.16 is incorrectly labeled and should start at 0 and continue in 100 million dry ton increments, same as Figure 4.17.

    Page: 165