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Biofuel: Policy, Standardization and Recommendation for Sustainable Future Energy Supply

As a promising alternative energy source, biofuel imparts a remarkable role for the sustainability and security in energy sector. Strategies, including policy recommendations have been set to put forward the development and implementation of biofuel by different countries. Recent exploitation of Asian biofuels policy is one step towards destination. These types of activity behind the biofuels would be the catalyst for the productiveness of policy set by individual territory like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. This is the high time to standardize, policy recommendation and implementation of biofuels taking into consideration on the feedstock, geographical location, and availability. Pertinent comparison with well-established ASTM and European standards are highly recommended. Sector wise (viz. transportation, industrial) bio fuel policy is now crucial as well. Factors, which would be taking into account, prior to recommend a policy includes feed-stocks available, biofuel infrastructure of the country, compatibility with present automotive materials and performance and emission behaviour. This study sought to explore the investigation of several policies with regards to biofuel and advocates some key factors which could be helpful for diminution of biofuels inferiorities.

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