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Simulation Structure-Input of Oxygenates into HYSYS Hydrotreater Model

HYSYS 8.8 file and PDF description for the process model developed in HYSYS v8.8 to co-process oxygenated biomass intermediates with petroleum vacuum gas oil (VGO) in a conventional petroleum hydrocracker. HYSYS has built-in hydrocracking/hydrotreating correlations for conventional petroleum feeds such as VGO but not for oxygenated species. The document walks through how the oxygenates were programmed into HYSYS and the simple reactions assigned to those species. This method is a preliminary look at modeling co-processing renewable and conventional feeds in a hydrotreater to enable semi-predictive results.

Mark Bearden
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Mark Bearden
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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
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DOI is live on OSTI.
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Refinery Integration
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Funded from the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Bioenergy Technologies Office.