This data article focuses on sustainability indicators for bioenergy generation from Brazilian Amazon׳s non-woody native biomass sources, considered to be modern forms of biomass. In the construction of the indicators, the Indicator-based Framework for Evaluation of Natural Resource Management Systems (MESMIS, from the original Spanish) method was used, with the application of the seven sustainability attributes to identify critical points and limiting and favorable factors for sustainability. The data yielded a list of 29 indicators distributed across 27 critical points, selected from three system evaluation areas: 11 environmental indicators, 11 social indicators, and 7 economic indicators.

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Josmar AlmeidaFlores
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Universidade do Vale do Taquari
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Josmar Almeida Flores
Odorico Konrad
Cíntia Rosina Flores
Nádia Teresinha Schroder
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