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Incorporating Bioenergy into Sustainable Landscape Designs—Workshop Two: Agricultural Landscapes

The Bioenergy Technologies Office hosted a workshop on Incorporating Bioenergy into Sustainable Landscape Designs on June 24-26 in partnership with Argonne and Oak Ridge National Laboratories. Landscape design offers a promising means for sustainably increasing bioenergy production while maintaining or enhancing other ecosystem services. This workshop convened multi-disciplinary experts to discuss how landscape design can assist in the deployment and assessment of sustainable bioenergy, and how to move forward in a manner that best serves industry, decision makers, and producers, while achieving environmental goals. The workshop focus was on bioenergy systems that utilize agricultural biomass as feedstocks. See below for the presentations from the workshop and a link to the Center for Bioenergy Sustainability page for more information.

Bioenergy Technologies Office
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Kristen Johnson and Mark Elless
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Bioenergy Technologies Office
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Funded from the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Bioenergy Technologies Office.
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 Workshop_agenda.pdf 502.94 KB
 Johnson Argonne Presentation.pdf 636.38 KB
 The Biomass Crop Assistance Program—Kelly Novak.pdf 757.76 KB
 The Nature Conservancy’s experiences in the Midwest-Managing agricultural landscapes for wildlife.pdf 1.99 MB
 Illinois Biomass Working Group—Fred Iutzi.pdf 3.86 MB
 Bridging scales and tools in the field, watershed, county, and region—David Muth.pdf 3.63 MB
 Economic sustainability and ecosystems services valuation—Randy Jackson.pdf 2.82 MB
 Reetz_Midwest Ag Land Use History.pdf 6.63 MB
 Dale.V Kline_Incorporating bioenergy into sustainable ls designs.pdf 2.28 MB
 BONNER_ILM WORKSHOP 2014.pdf 938.93 KB
 Heath_Air Quality Considerations for Bioenergy Landscapes.pdf 365.19 KB
 Dale.Bruce_Food and Sustainable Biofuels.pdf 5.06 MB
 Secchi_Promoting Bioenergy Crops - An Economic Perspective.pdf 873.84 KB
 Rund_GFE - Poster.pdf 5.55 MB
 Marginal land in the midwest—Rob Mitchell.pdf 2.16 MB
 Rund_140624 2014 Argonne Labs c pdf.pdf 1.25 MB
 John_Perennial Biomass Crops and Multifunctional Agriculture.pdf 918.96 KB
 Negri_Designing for Env and Socioeconomic Sustainability.pdf 3.2 MB
 Nassauer_Using Future Landscape Scenarios to Communicate Among Disciplines and Stakeholders.pdf 1.04 MB
 Landscape_Design_workshop_2_report_Final.pdf 775.9 KB
 Karlen -- June 25 2014.pdf 1.52 MB
 Sadler_Experiences from ARS Croplands CEAP program.pdf 1.48 MB
 Gratton 2014 Argonne Bioenergy workshop.pdf 18.65 MB
 Henson DOE Bioenergy Landscapes Conference.pdf 266.29 KB
 Elless Johnson_Overview of DOE BETO Feedstock and Sustainability Programs.pdf 5.6 MB
 Mullins_Argonne presentation_FINAL.pdf 784.14 KB
 Parry_DOE Environmental Concerns in Midwest Agricultural Landscapes 6-25-14.pdf 2.89 MB
 Volenec_Monitoring Sustainability Metrics at the Field and Watershed Scale.pdf 1.82 MB
 Leal_ANL_2014.pdf 708.63 KB
 Endres_Developing US Certification Standards to Ensure Landscape-Level Sustainability.pdf 2.95 MB
 Rudolf_RSB.pdf 3.85 MB
 Glaser_Best Management Guidelines to Achieve Sustainability of Wildlife Resources.pdf 995.27 KB