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Stan Mayfield Demonstration Biorefinery

Campaign Summaries

The Biorefinery conducted a series of campaigns during the four years it was in operation. Each campaign involved continuous operation and processing of either sugarcane bagasse or sorghum bagasse into cellulosic ethanol, typically lasting 7-10 days in length. A total of 23 campaigns were conducted to assess different variables and ultimately optimize the bioprocess. At the end of each campaign, process engineers would provide a summary for internal documentation and grant reporting purposes.

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Preventative Maintenance

The Biorefinery's process engineers were tasked with preventing disruptions in operation and preserving worker safety through diligent surveying and maintenance of the various equipment within the thermochemical pretreatment system. The biomass pretreatment system was a highly complex series of equipment that operated under high pressure with corrosive chemicals, thereby making it prone to malfunction. A series of data tracking tools were developed to be routinely utilized by the process engineers.

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Process & Instrumentation Diagrams

Process & Instrumentation Diagrams (PIDs) show how different pieces of equipment are connected internally and externally to various unit operations. PIDs use symbols, flow directions, safety measures, control systems, pressure ratings, and other details to provide process engineers and operators with the information necessary to startup, maintain, troubleshoot, or shutdown various procedures.


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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) instruct personnel how to methodically complete tasks to ensure that they are performed in a safe and consistent manner.

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Files not included elsewhere.

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Cite this dataset as: Jessica Nicole Welch, Ismael Nieves, Eulogio Castro, Vanessa Rondon Berrio, Wilfred Vermerris, K.T. Shanmugam, Lonnie Ingram & W. Joe Sagues. (2022). SMDemoBioref: Data from the University of Florida Stan Mayfield Demonstration Biorefinery [Data set]. Zenodo    DOI