Site Objective

  1. Provide practical information about standards most relevant to US economic development;
  2. Share examples of recent applications of standards that have been applied in the U.S; and
  3. Share results of analyses regarding potential pros/cons (costs/benefits) of different approaches to sustainability assessment.

The site aims to provide access to information to assist stakeholders to understand differences in terminology and approaches and build trust regarding the broad set of documentation relevant to US biomass-based production. Our goal is to provide information requested by the R&D community working to support more sustainable bioenergy via voluntary standards and a variety of public-private partnerships such as the SE4ALL. In support of this community’s need for referenceable and reliable information on the standards and assurances being applied in the US – where, for what industries, and what these standards and assurances represent. Along with links to information on the standards listed above, a table of attributes summarizes relevant literature. We also provide information, where available, on relevant requirements covered by laws and regulatory mechanisms in the US for specific bioenergy production systems.

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