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Accounting for indirect land-use changes in GHG balances of biofuels

A working paper review of current approaches to accounting for indirect land-use changes in green house gas balances of biofuels. This report reviews the current effort made worldwide to address this issue. A
description of land-use concepts is first provided (Section 2) followed by a classification of
ILUC sources (Section 3). Then, a discussion on the implications of including ILUC
emissions in the GHG balance of biofuel pathways (Section 4) and a review of methodologies
being developed to quantify indirect land-use change (Section 5) are presented. Section 6
addresses the question of methodological choices in LCA to account for ILUC. The
approaches to account for this effect in carbon reporting initiatives are discussed in Section 7.
Finally, recommendations and further research work are described.

Contact Person
Edgard Gnansounou
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Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
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Bioenergy Category
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DOI is live on OSTI.