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Sapphire Energy Integrated Algal BioRefinery

Algae Strains

Algae Strains (AS) are strains that were maintained in the Sapphire Culture Collection (SCC) at Sapphire Energy. It represents strains from early proof of concept work, such as Chlamydomonas and Arthrospira strains selected for biofuel research and strains used after the transition to Omega-3 production.

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Crop Protection

Crop Protection (CP) files detail how to protect the algae crops from pests and other afflictions.

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Media Recycle

Media Recycle (MR) files detail the best way to condition algae media. Afterwards, a harvest was performed using polymer before it was returned to a pond. Results show that not conditioning the media was best for pond health and production.

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Pest Electron Microscopy

Presentations and correspondence related to pests discovered in algae ponds. Pete Letcher, University of Alabama (retired), used electron microscopy to characterize the morphology of pests and aid in identification. Related manuscripts are provided for pests whose descriptions were published.

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Process Flow Diagrams

Process Flow Diagrams (PFD) provide the general flow of plant processes and equipment, and relationships between major equipment.

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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) instruct personnel how to methodically complete tasks to ensure that they are performed in a safe and consistent manner.

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Cite this dataset as: Jessica Nicole Welch and Philip A. Lee. 2022. SapphireEnergyIABR: Data from the Sapphire Energy Integrated Algal BioRefinery [Data set]. Zenodo. DOI