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Modeled Output of Biomass from the Agricultural Land Base

This dataset includes POLYSYS model output prepared for BT23 Chapter 5. Please access the data through the BT23 Data Portal or directly at

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Hellwinckel, C., D. de la Torre Ugarte, J. L. Field, and M. Langholtz. 2024, Data from Biomass from the Agricultural Land Base, of Chapter 5 in the 2023 Billion-Ton Report. Version 0.0.1, Bioenergy Knowledge Discovery Framework (bioenergyKDF) Data Center,

We present an updated estimate of potential biomass supplies from agricultural lands. The potential for farmers to respond to new markets for biomass has been assessed with the Policy Analysis System Model (POLYSYS) in previous versions of the billion-ton report (DOE 2017, 2016, 2011) and other studies (Oyedeji et al. 2021; Davis et al. 2020; Langholtz et al. 2019; Woodbury et al. 2018; Eaton, Langholtz, and Davis 2018; Langholtz et al. 2014; Langholtz et al. 2012; Jensen et al. 2007; De la Torre Ugarte and Ray 2000; Hellwinckel et al. 2015). Building on previous analyses, POLYSYS was used to update estimates of biomass supplies and prices from agricultural lands given environmental, land use, and technical constraints. The POLYSYS model, methods, and constraints are summarized in the chapter and detailed in the appendix. Changes from previous billion-ton reports include the use of the new 2023 USDA baseline, reporting of mature-market biomass supplies (see chapter Section 5.2: Methods Summary), oilseed supply estimates, and reporting of changes to carbon emissions and soil sequestration.

Note: Oilseed Crops have rotations and therefore may have duplicate rows by resource with differing production units. Users may sum these production numbers for aggregated data.

Note 2: Cotton gin trash and Rice hulls are downloaded separately and were not included in visualizations by resource.

Chad Hellwinckel , Daniel DeLaTorre Ugarte , John L Field , Matthew H Langholtz
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